Experience the vistas of Puumala and Saimaa on a bicycle

Hire a bicycle at Nestorinranta

..or ride here on a bike of your own.

You can go on short and long trips in Lintusalo and other parts of Puumala. The terrain is hilly but you will be rewarded with breath-taking views and healthy exercise. There are swimming spots in Pistohiekka and along the archipelago road.

Puumala archipelago route  

You'll complete the Puumala archipelago route by byke in a day, or two or three - it's up to you. There is much to see along the way, and you will also come upon good cafés and restaurants. Also accommodation is available. A bike ferry Norppa II will take you over the lake on that section of the route that cannot be accessed by road. If the timetable of the ferry doesn't suite to you, you can take a boat taxi from Nestorinranta.

Here is a link to a Google map indicates all services along the route.

You can experience all this along the way:

  • 60-66 km of cycling
  • 7-11 km ferry or boat trip
  • 20 km archipelago road
  • Stories about Nestori and the seal, Lintusalo
  • The Säkkimäki lean-to
  • The archipelago village of Niinisaari
  • 2 bridges and a ferry
  • Beautiful parish village
  • Scenic cafés
  • The Sahanlahti terrace restaurant
  • Pistohiekka
  • The Rakokivi rock formations
  • The Hurissalo village shop

2 days, 1 night by your own bike, from € 63/person

• The tour starts in Puumala and advances over the Puumala Bridge towards the archipelago. • Accommodation at Nestorinranta • Breakfast • Ferry / boat ride across Vetojako Strait to Hurissalo • The tour continues along the Lietvesi landscape route back to Puumala • Minimum 2 persons

5 days, 4 nights from € 590 /person

A marvellous cycling tour with guided hiking, paddling, boating etc. in the awesome and wonderful landscape of Puumala archipelago. See more! Auch auf Deutsch!

Bike, Cruise and Sauna in Puumala archipelago, Lake Saimaa, from € 133/person 

• 2 nights, 1 day • Accommodation at Nestorinranta • Breakfasts and suppers • Bike from Nestorinranta • 60 km cycling round Lietvesi to Hurissalo • 11 km bike ferry ride across the lake back to Nestorinranta • The traditional Finnish sauna • Ask more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saaristotie pyoraily

There are 11 islands on the archipelago road.

The Temola Winery is one of the wonderful sights on Niinisaari.

Lossi pyorailijat

The Hätinvirta ferry brings you to the archipelago (no payments).

You can sometimes see a log raft on the ferry.

Puumala silta pyora

Puumala parish village viewed from the bridge. There is a café in the bridge tower.

One of the shopping locations in the parish village. Lasiruusu.

Sahanlahti pyora

Restaurant Koskivahti at Sahanlahti.

A small rapids runs underneath the road in Sahanlahti.

Pistohiekka pyorailijat

The Pistohiekka scenic road is one of the most beautiful routes in Finland.

Hurissalo village shop.

On the boat trip, you will witness both narrow straits and the vast expanses of Lake Saimaa.

At Café Nestori, you can familiarise yourself with the story of old Nestori and the ringed seal.

Transport for cyclists across Vetojako  

From spring till autumn, we transport cyclists from Lintusalo to Lamminniemi in Hurissalo, and in the opposite direction. Depending on the weather, the boat will be either an open cruiser (Faster) or a canopied Finnmaster, which can both hold 2–3 cyclists. The boat ride is 7 km long and takes 15 minutes.

We can also transport cyclists to other locations by separate agreement. See the prices.

You should book the transport well in advance as the boats are also used for other purposes.
(Tel. +358 (0)40 5106208; info at nestorinranta.fi).

Faster preparing for transport.

On the way to Hurissalo.

Other cycling locations  

Shorter cycling trips can be taken from Nestorinranta to, for example, the Säkkimäki lean-to, the Telkonniemi giant's kettle or Niinisaari Island, where you can visit a winery, smithy, farm museum and gallery, and enjoy exquisite food in archipelago restaurant.

Telkonniemi giant's kettle

  • A natural formation created by rocks that have been moved around by water over millennia.
  • Signposts lead to the location from Repolantie road in the southern part of Lintusalo.
  • Approx. 10 km from Nestorinranta.

Säkkimäki lean-to

  • Highest point in the archipelago
  • Excellent view of Lake Saimaa
  • Lean-to and campfire spot, logs
  • Signpost “laavu, 300 m” on Lintusalontie in Liimattala
  • Approx. 7 km from Nestorinranta.

The archipelago village of Niinisaari