Lintusalo offers wonderful nature experiences year-round

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Experience the four seasons

The ground is usually unfrozen from the beginning to May to the beginning of November.

The most light-filled part of the year is from May to July.

 Midsummer Eve in Lintusalo at 9 pm.

Summer trips

Nature trips 3 nights, 2 days starting from € 103/person

1st day accommodation at Nestorinranta •2nd day a fishing trip by rowing boat or a canoe trip to Rokansaari ponds •3rd day a bicycle trip to the highest point of the archipelago •4th day a morning walk in the nearby forest •Minimum 2 persons • Available from May to October • Independent

The price includes accommodation in a twin log granary, sauna, row boat/canoe, lifejacket, angling equipment, bicycle, helmet, map and packed lunch for both trips.

For extra price linen, towels, breakfasts, final cleaning, accommodation in a single room or cottage.


Trip by row boat/canoe, 6 nights, starting from € 105/person

Accommodating at Nestorinranta • 1st day of the trip Nestorinranta-Rokansaari • 2nd day Rokansaari-Liehtalanniemi • 3rd day Liehtalanniemi-Laajahiekka (or Ruuho) • 4th day Laajahiekka/Ruuho-Äyrätsalo • 5th day Äyrätsalo-Nestorinranta • 6. day check-out • Available in the summer • Independent

The price includes accommodation in the 1st and 5th night in a twin log granary, sauna, row boat/canoe, lifejacket, map.

For extra price linen, towels, breakfasts in 1st and 6th morning, final cleaning, accommodation in a single room or cottage in the 1st and 5th night, tent and other equipment for camping.

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The hottest weather is usually in July.


The best time to pick mushrooms and berries: August and September.


The most beautiful autumn foliage: first half of October.

The best time for salmon trolling: in the autumn when the water temperature is above 8 °C.

The darkest time of the year is usually in November when there is no snow on the ground yet.

There is usually snow from December to April.

The ice of the lake is usually strong enough to walk on from Christmas until early April.


The coldest weather is usually in January and February.

Winter trips

Hiking and fishing in winter, 2 days, 3 nights

Have you ever walked with snowshoes? Now you have the possibility to experience this wonderful way to hike in winter in the beautiful lanscape of the island of Lintusalo and Lake Saimaa.

What about fishing through the ice? Experience also this during the same trip!

Available from January 20th to March 20th.

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lumikeng kitk

The best weather for skiing is usually in February and March.

The ice on the lake usually melts in late April.

The best time to see a ringed seal: from late April to early June.

 You can see a seal lying on a rock during May in norppalive.

Pike spawning: first half of May.


Animals in Nestorinranta and nearby  

Luka, australianterrier






Canada gooses


Arctic loons