Bed & Breakfast Nestorinranta in the lake Saimaa, Finland

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Nestorinranta is a recently renovated old farm house.

Nestorinranta B&B offers an original experience of the pittoresque Saimaa lake country in Eastern Finland.
We rent out boats, provide bike transport services from Lintusalo to Hurissalo or vice versa, and offer small boat cruises and trips to nearby islands.
We are glad to guide and help you, as well as to adjust itineraries according to your wishes.

  • Nestorinranta sleeps 19+6 in seven different rooms and cabins
  • Breakfast is served in the main building living room
  • Orders for meals for groups taken
  • All guests have access to the sauna building in the main yard, the showers and toilets in the main building, the outdoor barbecue and camp fire places in the yard and beaches, rowboat, canoe and the beaches
  • Nestorinranta has four boats, 2 fast boats that holds five - six and two rowboats with small outboard motor
  • Our rental boats are suitable for self-directed fishing activities such as trolling, for boat trips and for transportation.
  • We offer guiding services and fishing gear for rent, and sell fishing permits.
  • Contact information: Lintusalontie 1661 A, FI 52200 Puumala, Finland; + 358 40 510 6208, info at

Helsinki 325 km, Mikkeli 97 km, Imatra 84 km,
Savonlinna 103 km and St Petersburg 288 km.

Nestorinranta is part of a local entrepreneur
cooperation network. For more info see
Veskansa-villages and Puumala websites. See also Google maps.


The log granaries are situated in the main yard. The small beach cabins each have a beach of their own. The boat-shore holds barbecue and camp fire places, and beaches and piers.

The main building is situated 900 meters from the boat-shore, 700 meters from Nestori's cabin and 1,5 kilometers from Taru's cabin.

Main building rooms

The front and back chambers are situated in the old part of the main building. The modern toilets and shower are situated along the corridor.

Front chamber for two.

Back chamber for two.

Log granaries

The two twin rooms in the long granary are called Mari and Ville. They are separated by a storage room. The big granary used to be an actual granary.

The long granary.

The big granary.

Ville -twin room.

Mari -twin room.

The big granary - family room. (Sleeps 4-7)

All the log granaries are equipped with electricity, refrigerator, microwave oven and coffee maker. Showers and toilets are in the main building, an outhouse is situated in the back of the main yard and the guests have access to the sauna building with shower.


Nestori's cabin

Nestori's cabin is situated in a perfect Saimaa scenery. The only neighbouring house is 300 meters away. The beach is shallow and safe for children.
The cabin is an old granary that was moved from the main yard to the beach in the 1980's. The cabin consists of a room and new kitchen and is equipped with electricity, refrigerator, coffee maker and gas stove with oven.
There is no running water. Drinking water comes from the main building tap, lake water serves for other purposes. There is an outhouse behind the cabin.

Nestori's cabin.

Nestori's cabin has a sauna of its own.

The wide bunk bed sleeps a family of four.

Scenery from the cabin kitchen window.

Taru's cabin

The cabin holds a sofa-bed, loft, sauna, fireplace and kitchen with gas operated gear. The electricity is provided by a solar panel. There is an outhouse in the back of the yard. The beach is very shallow and child-friendly.
For more pictures see our Finnish website under Majoitus.

Taru`s cabin is situated by a small bay in the lake Saimaa.

The cabin sleeps a family of four.

Boats, Trips and Bike Transport Services

Boat Rentals

Experience of boating and chart-reading skills are a prerequisite for driving the big cabin boat. Lake Saimaa is very rocky and marked routes must be followed at all times, apart from beaching. Boat renting involves a security sum and rental contract. Also the boat rental fees must be paid in advance. The security is paid back when the boat is returned unscathed.
Boat rental terms and conditions (pdf)

The big cabin boat is rented out with or without a driver.

The small boats are perfect for fishing nearby.

Bike Transport Services over Lake Vetojako

From spring to fall, we offer bike transport services for cyclists from Lintusalo to Hurissalo or vice versa. The transport boat is a fast aluminum boat (Faster) that fits two bikes and cyclists with their gear. Standard routes are: Hurissalo, Kivisalmi - Nestorinranta (approximately 10 km) and the shorter route Ruokotaipale - Nestorinranta (approximately 4 km). Transport services should be booked well in advance, since the transport boat is also used for other purposes, and therefore isn't necessarily available on a short notice.
See the map for the standard routes:

Larger map

Kayaking and Canoeing

There are two businesses providing canoe and kayak rentals in the nearby archipelago (see the Veskansa villages website for further information).

Small Boat Cruises and Island Trips

Cruise boat Vilmari in its home harbor,

  • A 30-minute cruise on the nearby waters of Lake Saimaa (max. 5 adults) gives you a good view of Finnish Lakeland in a short time for an affordable price.

  • The 90-minute Tour de Lintusalo (max. 5 adults) gives you a chance to see both the vast waters and the narrow and exciting sounds of Lake Saimaa.

  • The 120-minute Liittokivi Cruise (max. 5 adults) gives you a chance to visit the legendary Liittokivi islet and to see the vast waters of Lake Saimaa. Going ashore on Liittokivi islet is possible if the weather permits.

  • The Rokansaari Island Trip (max. 5 adults) lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Ever so lovely Rokansaari island offers you amazing sand beaches, ridges, ponds, and a guest harbor with good facilities, not to mention Mallu's Cafe! It's always exciting to see whether it is open! The charges include a snack and refreshments.

  • A Trip to Ruuho Islands (max. 5 adults) lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Ruuho Islands consist of several sandy and ridged islands featuring sand beaches, lagoons as well as a popular guest harbor with its facilities. The charges include a snack and refreshments.

Sights and day trip locations nearby

Locations on the map >>

Liittokivi rock

A view southeast of Liittokivi rock: Liittokivi open.

Rokansaari island

There are many beautiful beaches in Rokansaari.

Ruuhonsaari isles

The Takaruuho sandy boat-shore can be reached even by a tugboat.


Ruuhonpurnu, a long, deep lagoon where it's never windy.

Prices 2013


Season A: 20.6.-18.8.2013
Season B: 30.4.-19.6. and 19.8.-20.10.2013
Season A Season B
  1 day 2 days add. day 1 day 2 days add. day
Twin room in log granary, Mari/Ville* 66 € 116 € 40 € 56 € 96 € 32 €
Twin room in the main building, Front/Back chamber* 81 € 146 € 50 € 68 € 120 € 42 €
Big granary, for a family of 3 (+ 2) 81 € 146 € 50 € 68 € 120 € 42 €
Taru's cabin, for a family of 3 (+ 2), private beach with sauna 96 € 176 € 64 € 80 € 144 € 52 €
Nestori's cabin, for 6 (+2), private beach with sauna** 146 € 276 € 104 € 120 € 224 € 83 €
Nestori's cabin, 1 week, private beach with sauna**, Season A 640 €, Season B 513 €. Midsummer Eve (3 days) 438 €

*Twin rooms can also be rented as single rooms. Prices: Mari/Ville, season A: 53 €, 98 € ja 36 €; season B: 44 €, 80 € ja 29 €. Front/Back chamber, season A: 67 €, 126 € ja 45 €; season B: 55 €, 102 € ja 38 €.
Breakfast 8 €/adult (4-12 y. child 5 €). The prices include linen for 2 persons, single rooms linen for one person. Extra linen 8 €/person.

Prices for final cleaning (pre-order required) if not done by the guest: 20 €/room or granary and 60 €/cabin. If the rooms are not clean or no final cleaning has been pre-ordered, the charge will be 90 €.

**Nestori's cabin is under renovation during May. Available again 1.6.


Boat/day 15 €
Tent in the main building yard (space for one tent only) /day15 €
Caravan + electricity, in the main building yard (one vehicle only)/day20 €
Other services at different prices, see Other services

Boat transit for cyclists over the Vetojako open

Nestorinranta - Ruokotaipale or Ruokotaipale - Nestorinranta
15 €/person (min 30 €/boat)
10 €/Nestorinranta guest (min 20 €/boat)
Nestorinranta - Kivisalmi or Kivisalmi - Nestorinranta
30 €/person (min 60 €/boat)
25 €/Nestorinranta guest (min 50 €/boat)


Guests 0 €, others 30 €/vrk
Rowboat with outboard motor
Guests 1-4 h 20 €, others 30 €
  Guests 1 day 30 €, others 45 €
  Guests 2 days 60 €, others 90 €
  Guests 1 week 150 €, others 300 €
Finnmaster 6101
Mercruiser 145 hp

Faster 460
50 hp
  No driver With driver No driver With driver
1 hour 50 € 75 € 40 € 65 €
Additional hours á 25 € 40 € 20 € 30 €
1 day 200 € - 150 € -
2 days 370 € - 275 € -
1 week 875 € - 650 € -

Fuel is not included in prices. The boats reside in Nestorinranta boat-shore; the Finnmaster cabin boat can be brought to Puumala harbour for an extra charge of 60 €.
Boat rental terms and conditions (pdf)

Fishing trips and -packages

Fishing trip to Saimaa lake 4 h, 1-3 persons 330 €
Whole day's fishing trip to Lietvesi lake 6 t, 1-3 persons 550 €
Angling kit 1 (fishing rod, worms) 5 €
Angling kit 2 (spinning rod, lures, hand net) 13 €
Map of nearby fishing sites for guests and with boat rental 0 €
Ice fishing kit (ice fishing rod, hand auger, stool, ice awls) 10 €
Winter fishing package (accommodation, half board, ice fishing kit)
(available Thu-Sun)
for 2 persons
132 €/day and 228 €/2 days
for 1 person
87 €/day and 156 €/2 days
Ice fishing/winter fishing net trip with guide, 3 h 90 €
Fishing guide 35 €/h
Ice 1 €/bag

The State fishing management fee and Eastern Finland fishing licence can be bought online >>> or from Nestorinranta. Both methods of delivery are subject to a 2 € delivery fee.

Boat cruises and trips to islands

Saimaa tour, 0,5 h 50 €
Boat tour around Lintusalo 1,5 h 120 €
Liittokivi mini cruise 2 h 150 €
Rokansaari island trip 3 h/4 h 155/185 €
Ruuhonsaari island trip 3 h/4 h 170/200 €
Cruises and boat trips fit driver plus five in a fast Finnmaster cabin boat.

Other services

Breakfast 8/5 €
Linen 4 €
Towels (large and small) 4 €
Pre-heated sauna 35 €
Sauna for other than guests (self-service) 15 €
Lakeside sauna for other than guests (self-service) 40 €
Laundry 10 €
Barbecue place for other than guests 15 €
Guide 35 €/h
Custom tours and arrangements 35 €/h
Venue for conferences and other occasions/day 300 €
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